Climate citizens

Objective: This section will investigate case studies e.g. people, government, an activist organization participating in climate justice activism. Who can participate, who cannot and why?

6.1. Read: Lassen, Inger, Anders Horsbøl, Kersten Bonnen, and Anne Grethe Julius Pedersen. “Climate Change Discourses and Citizen Participation: A Case Study of the Discursive Construction of Citizenship in Two Public Events.” Environmental Communication5, no. 4 (December 2011): 411–27.

6.2. Read: Kammermann, Lorenz, and Clau Dermont. “How Beliefs of the Political Elite and Citizens on Climate Change Influence Support for Swiss Energy Transition Policy.” Energy Research & Social Science, Sustainable energy transformations in an age of populism, post-truth politics, and local resistance, 43 (September 1, 2018): 48–60.

6.3. Read: Nyberg, Daniel, André Spicer, and Christopher Wright. “Incorporating Citizens: Corporate Political Engagement with Climate Change in Australia.” Organization20, no. 3 (May 1, 2013): 433–53.

6.4. Watch The Story of Stuff(21:16 mins)

6.5. Watch: Climate Neutral Now(3:31 mins)


Identity one journal article relevant to your topic/event/activity you identified in your first week’s assignment and list down the stakeholders participating, who can not and why (500words)?





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