Climate Infrastructure

Objective: What infrastructure is required to address climate action (e.g. through data, institution, organization). Who can contribute and who can access?

7.1. Read: Climate Resilient Infrastructures(Just read the executive , chapter 1&2 i.e from p: 2 & 13)

7.2. Read Shakou, Louisa Marie, Jean-Luc Wybo, Genserik Reniers, and Georgios Boustras. “Developing an Innovative Framework for Enhancing the Resilience of Critical Infrastructure to Climate Change.” Safety Science118 (October 1, 2019): 364–78.

7.3. Watch: Climate and Infrastructure I: Why does it matter?(8:06 mins)

7.4. Watch: Big Data for Sustainable Development(3: 06 mins)

Weekly Assignments:

Use the two-journal articles along with any two readings assigned for this course to develop a draft version of a critical review paper on your choice of topic/event/incident.



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