Climate Mitigation, Adaptation & Justice

Objective: What is climate change? Causes, effects and impacts of climate change. Theories of justice in climate adaptation and its outcomes.

1.1 Quick Read: Into to climate change

1.2 “Comm-Engage-for-CAP-LF.Pdf.” Accessed August 18, 2020.

1.3Read: Saraswat, Chitresh, and Pankaj Kumar. “Climate Justice in Lieu of Climate Change: A Sustainable Approach to Respond to the Climate Change Injustice and an Awakening of the Environmental Movement.” Energy, Ecology and Environment1, no. 2 (April 2016): 67–74.

1.4 UN Sustainable Development Goals | Climate Action(1:18 mins)


Weekly Assignment: After going through all the assigned readings for this week identify an activity near you that you think can serve as climate injustice for other people. Either an activity happening in your neighbourhood or place result into climate injustice for others or you can be at the receiving end of climate injustice due to the activity that is happening around you. You can use your field diary and go through the things you observed or do, the headlines or the picture to identify any activity. E.g. you observe the migratory birds have stopped coming to the park near the place you lived or used to visit; or that India is facing acute drinking water shortage. Submit it in 200-250 words(include title to your write-up)along with your field dairy entry. Remember The topic/activity/event that you will help you develop the final assignment for this course. For the final assignment, we are supposed to write a critical paper on the topic of your choice related to ‘Climate Change, Mitigation, Adaptation & Justice’ for 1500-1800 words.