Climate Change, Gender, Stakeholders & Geopolitics (Part I)

Objectives: Who matters? Who decides? Who benefits? What are the socio-political and cultural mechanisms that shape the climate agenda? Guide to climate agenda towards and sustainable and just path?

2.1 Quick Read: Why Gender Matters in Climate Change Adaptation

2.2 Read: Fosado Centeno, Ericka. “The Socio-Political Construction of Climate Change: Looking for Paths to Sustainability and Gender Justice.” Sustainability12, no. 8 (April 21, 2020): 3382.

2.3. 1.3. Lakhani, Nina. “Killer Heat: US Racial Injustices Will Worsen as Climate Crisis Escalates.” The Guardian, July 28, 2020, sec. US news.

Weekly Assignment: Identify how gender, or race or the socio-political construct is playing a role in the event or activity that you identified in your previous week’s assignment. Who will be in the receiving end or benefit the most out of it? Eg. You can say the interruption in migratory bird can drastically affect the pollination, or the water shortage in India can adversely affect the health of poor women in villages. Submit it in 200-250 words(include title to your write-up)along with withyour field dairy entry.





(Image Source: World Economic Forum)