Geopolitics, Gender, Stakeholders and Climate Change(Part II)

Objectives: How the geopolitics plays an important role in climate change debate? Some ways of creating inclusive space to approach climate action.

3.1. Read: Kamal Uddin, Md. “Climate Change and Global Environmental Politics: North-South Divide.” Environmental Policy and Law47, no. 3–4 (October 28, 2017): 106–14.

3.2.Quick Read: As India Revises State Climate Plans, Who Should Have a Voice? (Keep in mind that actors having voice will also act as factors influencing climate action.

3.4. Watch: Why your 'Carbon Footprint' Is A Lie | Climate Town(9:53 mins)

Weekly Assignment: Identify a global issue that you think could be the cause for the climate injustice that you identify in your last weeks’ assignment. E.g the increase in deforestation has increased the global warming which in-turn has disrupted the migration pattern of the birds in Prairie regions. Submit it in 200-250 words(include title to your write-up)along with your field dairy entry. Also, submit in one the idea of topic/theme/event of your final paper you are planning to write a critical review.


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