Theoretical framework


Objectives: Providing a theoretical framework to understand the different context of social and political factors influencing climate adaptation and mitigation.Actor/stakeholders affected by climate change also has in-turn the capacity to influence climate action initiative. How? Because they have a different experience and are affected in different capacities from climate change, therefore their ways of knowing/experiencing climate change are different. Since they ‘know’ and ‘experience’ climate change differently they will have different perception about it which can further influence their ‘practice’ of mitigating climate change.
4.1 Read: Evans, Elizabeth M, Cristine H Legare, and Karl S. Rosengren. “Engaging Multiple Epistemologies: Implications for Science Education.” In Engaging Multiple Epistemologies: Implications for science education, edited by Roger S. Taylor and Michel Ferrari. Routledge, 2012.
4.2. Watch Video: What is Theory of Knowledge? (2:03 mins)
4.4. Watch Video: 8 Ways of Knowing -TOK (8:03 mins)
Week Assignment:
Think carefully about the 8 factors that can influence our ‘ways of knowing in this video? Provide an example of anyone event or incident that you have experienced in your lifetime and describe how the ways in which you interpreted (or have known) about that incident is different from the ways it was interpreted by your best friend or parent or any other person when you discussed the same incident to them. Further, also provide at least two reasons for why and what factors according to you might have influenced their ways of interpretation of the situation(250-300)?
(Image Credit: Stanford News)