Climate (in)justice

Objective: If different communities of people are affected by climate change differently, then what are the measures being adapted and adopted to safeguard these populations (will look at restoration, ethics issue, compensation, environmental racism). This section will investigate the profile of people involved in climate action mitigation. By whom and for whom?

5.1. Read: Adams, Helen. “Climate Change Responses: Mitigation and Adaptation for Whom?,” n.d., 3.

5.2 Marino, Elizabeth, and Jesse Ribot. “Special Issue Introduction: Adding Insult to Injury: Climate Change and the Inequities of Climate Intervention.” Global Environmental Change, Adding Insult to Injury: Climate Change, Social Stratification, and the Inequities of Intervention,22, no. 2 (May 1, 2012): 323–28.

5.9. Watch: Rich vs. Poor: Who Should Pay To Fix Climate Change? (4:34 mins)

5.3. Watch: Women Building Resistance to Climate Change and Disaster in Africa(3:51 mins)


Identify one journal article related to climate injustice relevant to the topic/event/activity your identified in your first-week assignmentand developed till now to see how it addresses your topic. Submit the journal article along with 500words review of the paper. You can later use this review to develop a final paper.